As an artist, I believe in creating a space where people can explore and express their sexuality freely and without fear of stigma. My goal is not to be didactic or preachy but rather to create images that are honest, raw, and authentic and that allow viewers to connect with their own sexuality and desires on a deeper level.
Ultimately, I believe that the power of art lies in its ability to transcend boundaries and challenge our preconceived notions about ourselves and the world around us. By creating images that explore the spectrum of human sexuality and identity, I hope to inspire viewers to question their assumptions and embrace their own unique desires and passions.
My work is a celebration of sexual freedom and expression and a call to action to challenge the societal norms and expectations that restrict our ability to explore and embrace our sexuality fully. Through my art, I hope to create a space where viewers can connect with their own desires and experiences and find a sense of liberation and empowerment in their sexuality.
My photography is a collaborative art form involving photographer, model, and viewer. While the photographer and model work together to create the image, the meaning of the photo is ultimately co-created with the viewer. How the viewer interprets the image raises important questions about the representation of gender and sexuality in photography and highlights the complex and subjective nature of artistic collaboration.

-Marc Manchester

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